Starting from crude AD&D character sketches in 1980, Calkins has advanced to exhibit at a whole lot of SF/F convention, and a dozen awards for his work. He uses humor and the Greco-Roman tradition of beauty, often with a touch of erotica. He pioneered the use of people of various ethnicities as the basis for much of his fantasy work, "because not all elves and mermaids are from europe." Calkins live in Southeastern New England with relative harmony with nature, with his daughter, Deanna, and Baldrick, his Ball Python.

  • Credits

  • Telepaths don't need Safewords - Cover Art
    Forged Bonds - Cover Art, interior illustrations
    HolQeD Vol. 13 #4 - Cover Art (Klingon Language Institute News Letter)
    The Guilty Client, Deadly Ink Publishing, May 2009 release

  • Awards

  • Arisia Art Show
    Most Humorous: 1995
    Popular Choice Amateur: 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008
    Staff Choice Amateur: 1996, 1997

    Astronomicon Art Show
    Best Amateur 2002

    JerseyDevilCon Art Show
    Honorable Mention 2002
    Best Amateur Artist 2003